We dreamed of a Cub that could reach farther, go faster and carry more than legacy technology would allow. Knowing modern materials and computer-aided engineering gave us a good shot at making these lofty goals a reality, we set off on what became a 6 year journey. Along the way we encountered many hurdles, one of which is the strictest and most challenging iteration of Part 23 certification to date. Satisfying all of today’s Part 23 requirements ensured this would be the safest and strongest Cub ever produced. We also made many discoveries along the way, one of which is a new aileron design and push rod control that has proved to be greater than the sum of its parts. Each one of these changes is superb by themselves, but together they are something pilots experience. XCub has a laundry list of breakthroughs that translate into specs appearing to have been cooked up in the marketing office. We understand the skepticism. All we can say is, come fly one and see for yourself.