The Carbon Cub has redefined expectations for backcountry aircraft. It has taken the fundamentally superior design of the Piper Super Cub and reinvented it using 21st Century materials and computer-aided design. Superior engineering results in the Carbon Cub having 50% fewer parts, and weighing more than 300 pounds less, than a similarly equipped Super Cub. It can take off and land in patches that you thought were accessible only to helicopters and hikers, all while being able to take the abuse of backcountry exploration.



The Carbon Cub has an unmatched power to weight ratio. It has no equal in takeoff and landing performance. On an average day Carbon Cub will climb out at 2,100 feet per minute and pass through 10,000 climbing at 1,100 feet per minute.

This power is ideally paired with the airplane's nimble handling and slow speed manners. Carbon Cub FX and EX-2 are further benefitted by our new G-Series flaps and ailerons. Whether flying around the patch, camping or remote wilderness excursions, the Carbon Cub always delivers.

  • Takeoff roll: 60 ft
  • Landing roll: 53 ft
  • Climb: 2,100 fpm
  • Cruise: 105 - 115 mph (depending on tires)