The Carbon Cub FX is the newest and best aircraft from CubCrafters. Building on the success of the high-strength, lightweight airframe and powerful engine of the Light Sport Carbon Cub SS, the Carbon Cub FX flies faster, flies farther, and hauls more cargo than ever before. Redesigned ailerons and flaps, along with a Premium Equipment Package specifically suited for off airport operations, are included with every new Carbon Cub FX. With the flexibility to certify in the E-AB category at up to 1,865 lbs gross weight, the Carbon Cub FX fulfills the most challenging missions.

As our top-of-the-line aircraft, Carbon Cub FX Premium Equipment Package includes:

  • CC340 Engine (180 HP)
  • G-Series Flaps & Ailerons
  • Long-Range Fuel Tanks
  • Extended Baggage
  • 3x3 Ext HD Landing Gear w/ HD Cabane Vee
  • LED Lighting & Strobe Package w/ Right Landing Light
  • 3200-type Steerable Tailwheel by Alaskan Bushwheel
  • Alaskan Bushwheel Tail Spring
  • 1,865 lbs gross weight